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Retreat Events

In retreats that we find the opportunity to get out of our identities we use in our daily lives to take a deep journey to our inner being and our SELF like never before including a series of exercises on the way for oneness.

Retreats include; 

  • Collective and individual integration sessions,
  • Music and audio therapy,
  • Holotropic breathing sessions,
  • Natural healing sessions
  • Various group exercises and activities


CLICK to learn more about THE ONE Spiritual Development Program and retreat events.

What is a retreat?

A retreat is willingly breaking the bonds with the outer world to unite with the SELF, inner perception, inner understanding, inner transformation, self-rediscovery and meeting with the creative power. This has the power to bring us in a new evolution when we open ourselves. A retreat can be an individual activity as well as a collective activity carried out with guides.

Journey to SELF with retreat programs

In the ONE retreats and programs, we use different methods depending on the group energy and individual states of participants with suitable timing to take a uniting journey with the SELF. During the retreat, our entire toxic energy is cleaned which accompanies us throughout our lives even though we haven’t noticed it.

The retreats increase our frequencies and we are in deep peace and high consciousness state.

At the end of the retreat sessions, we understand the consciousness to become ONE as an individual and group and realize nature, humans, living beings and the universe deeper.

Integration Sessions

Integration sessions are the exercise to perceive the emotions, thoughts and feelings expressed during any experience in the retreat without analyzing and seeing them from the SELF perspective by letting go of ego. This exercise based on the transpersonal psychology that investigates the state or field of consciousness beyond the borders of identity and ego perception and will give the answers and transformation which might not be achieved with 20 years of psychotherapy when the individual is present during the integration session. The main perspective of transpersonal psychology is letting go of what we think we are. These sessions will help you to reach freedom by getting deeper into your experiences in your daily life and the retreats when you really open yourself to the experiences.

Music and Sound Therapy

In music and sound therapy, Eastern instruments such as Tibetian bowls, Quartz bowls, Gongs and Western instruments such as violin, flute, viola are used alone or together to apply various frequencies to our bodies. Music and sound therapy is the synchronization of the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies of participants to certain frequencies at a conscious resting state. Each frequency invokes a different emotions, energies or states in every individual. For example, the correct frequency for the OM mantra is 432 Hz. This frequency will enable you to resonate to the general frequency of the universe and heart chakra.

Natural healing sessions

Natural healing sessions are individual or group sessions that use natural plants and mixtures prepared according to ancient knowledge. Ancient natural healing is a strong tool for self-awareness, finding self, healing and getting healed.

The ancient tools used in natural healing therapies vary depending on the problems, searches and needs of the individual. Each tool has different application methods, session preparation, experience and effects during and after the session. These natural healing tools are only used for accelerating our new evolution.

Transcendental breathing sessions

Holotropic/Transcendental Breathing Exercise that combines accelerated breathing technique with music helps healing and harmony and balance between our body, mind and spirit.

Transcendental breathing sessions are done on a mat with closed eyes and away from all visual stimulation. The inner experience of the individual is initiated with the help of special breathing techniques and music.

Experience-based group activities

These include various activities to help inner deepening which might change in each retreat/session depending on the activity concept, general state and energy of the activity group.

Some of these activities are as follows:

  • Smiling/laughing meditation
  • Screaming meditation
  • Love tunnel
  • Silent nature walks
  • Noble silence
  • Rhythm workshop
  • Mantra workshop
  • Temazcal

CLICK to learn more about THE ONE Spiritual Development Program and retreat events.

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