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Music and Sound Therapy

Music and Sound Therapy

Music and Sound Therapy

One of the practices in The ONE Spiritual Development Retreat Program is Music and Audio Therapy.

Music and audio therapy is done by using various instruments to adapt our body to various frequencies. We use the Eastern instruments such as Tibetan bowls, Quartz bowls, Gongs and Western instruments such as violin, flute, viola alone or together in The ONE sound therapy sessions where we utilize the transformative power of the audio frequencies.

What is Music and Sound Therapy?

Music and audio therapy is synchronizing the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies of participants to certain frequencies at conscious resting state.

Each frequency invokes a different emotion, energy or state in every individual. For example, the correct frequency for the OM mantra is 432 Hz. This frequency will enable you to adapt to the general frequency of the universe and heart chakra.

What Does Music and Sound Therapy Do?

The effects of music and audio therapy on humans can be evaluated based on the effects explained by cymatics science.

The science branch focusing on visualizing the sound waves is called cymatics. Although cymatics is considered a science in the 1600s, sound frequencies are used since the ancient ages.

Water is a chemical that reacts to sound frequencies. When we consider the fact that both the world and the majority of the human body consists of water, we can easily understand the effects of sound on ourselves.

In Asia, sound frequencies have been used in the treatment of physical, mental and psychological problems since old times. It is known that shamanic rituals use music and sound frequencies.

Today, resonance frequencies are used in the treatment of numerous psychologic disorders. Another usage area of these frequencies is the deep meditation practices.

Therefore, music and sound therapy are an important tool for physical, mental and emotional healing.

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