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Effects of Frequencies on Humans

Audio frequencies have extraordinary transformative power on humans. In this writing, I would like to share Cymatics – Frequency – Binaural Beating Sound – Silence concepts and my insights about the relationship between the by blending my knowledge based on scientific facts and knowledge of ancient practices.

What is cymatics?

Cymatics is a science based on visualizing audio waves. Cymatics was scientifically developed in 1640s. However, the knowledge about cymatics date back to the ancient times of humanity. 2 simple ways to visualize audio waves is to transfer the audio waves to a shallow elastic cup filled with water or to a cup covered with thin sand. Ancient tools used for shaking a leather layer with sound were discovered all around the world. According to a theory, Mandala, Yantra, Mantra and even Sanskrit is based on audio frequencies.

The relationship between water and audio frequencies

At this point, we need to talk about water. Water does not follow the traditional physics rules. Therefore, it is called “most alien chemical on the world”. Without going deep down the theory: 73% of the brain and heart and approximately 83% of lungs consist of water. Skin contains 64%, muscles and kidneys contain 79% and bones contain 31% water. And water naturally reacts with certain frequencies. One of them is the audio frequency. Additionally, each water molecule has a memory, its memory is connected with the memories of other water molecules all around universe and this is believed to work similar to neuroplasticity.

I have worked on the scientific simulation of water with super computers for years and I have a deep connection with it. The seeds of this interest were planted in those times.

Healing power of sound frequencies

Audio frequencies are used to overcome physical, mental and emotional problems since ancient times especially in Asia. Additionally, shamanic rituals all around the world uses hand drums and songs and these rituals are done in certain caves with certain acoustic.

Today, resonance frequencies (2 frequencies are played simultaneously and we only hear the difference between these frequencies) are used for treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), panic attack, anxiety, depression and similar disorders.  Additionally, these methods are commonly used for deep meditation and exercises.

Effects I directly observed in retreats

For a while, I use these sounds with or without music in different sessions. The last retreat turned into a spiritual retreat with the group energy. For most nights, I mixed these sounds with music or used them alone or used silence as the resonance of all frequencies in the universe. I believe that most of the processes developed with transcendental, trans emotional and deep hearth opening experiences.

In this universe that we live our humane experiences, quantum particles, humans, planets (world’s frequency is 7.83Hz) and all other particles have their own frequencies and our current state is deeply connected to these frequencies.

Ph.D. Emre Günerken

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