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Breathing Sessions

Breathing Sessions

Breathing Sessions

One of the important practices we follow in our inner wisdom journey is the breathing sessions. There are numerous breathing-based practices on the path to self-development and spiritual transformation. The sessions known with different names such as breathing therapy or breathing exercise are different in terms of method and purpose.

The breathing sessions we apply at The ONE are special methods based on the holotropic or “moving towards the unity” approach. Holotropic breathing sessions are one of the strong tools that we use to support individuals in self-discovery, reach the inner healing power and empower the individuals.

Various people searching for self and inner evolution come across breathing meditations. One of the first questions that come into mind is this: “What Does Breathing Therapy Do?” While there isn’t a single breathing therapy method, there is no single answer to that question. Our purpose at The ONE is to help both the mental, spiritual and physical healing of the individuals with breathing sessions.

What Is a Breathing Session?

Our first action in the world starts with breathing. Breathing in and out is an indispensable and fundamental part of the life cycle. The exercises in that we use the power of breathing to ensure body-mind-soul harmony and healing are called breathing sessions.

How is the breathing session applied?

The method we use in breathing sessions is simple yet effective. During the Holotropic Breathing Exercise that combines accelerated breathing technique with music, the individual is purified from visual stimulation and lays down the floor with closed eyes. The individual will enter an altered state of consciousness with systematic breaths and the power of music. In this process, the individual will start to have an inner experience. On the other hand, a natural inner healing process is stimulated by the guidance of breathing and rhythm. We utilize integration practices such as focused energy release and mandala drawing in the process.

Individual and group sessions

Breathing sessions can be organized both as individual sessions and group sessions. The group sessions are applied as couples where each participant interchanges the “breather” and “carer” roles. The role of the carer is not to intervene but to be there and assist the breather.

In individual sessions, we act as the carer.

Each breathing session is specific to the individual, time and space. The experience of each session and the gain of each individual from that experience makes every breathing session different. Therefore, each session is a new opening to the path to transformation.

Breathing practices and inner transformation

Holotropic breathing practices consist of experiences. The transformation as a result of these experiences is not only limited to our life from birth until today. The breathing sessions can also act as mediators to reach the time before the birth and transpersonal dimension.

The pre-birth dimensions include re-experiencing the uterus, birth canal and birth itself. It is possible to heal in this dimension just like in various spiritual traditions and psycho-spiritual birth-death-rebirth experiences.

The transpersonal dimension includes the archetypes explained by Carl Jung (guides, angels etc.), collective spiritual experiences and other events that are not specified by traditions.

Natural Healing Therapies

The ONE Community with natural healing therapies applied by using ancient natural remedies.

Music and Sound Therapy

Music and audio therapy is done by using various instruments to adapt our body to various frequencies.