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Journey to SELF with US

We all have infinite potential in us. In The ONE, we take a journey to discover this potential, break out chains, remove the obstacles and remove the burdens that do not belong to us.

Well, what should we expect from individual and group sessions, retreat activities and ancient healing tools?

Emre answers this question as follows:

“To go beyond what we think we are and to surrender ourselves to the unknown, our path is to let go of the petrified definitions and ideologies in our minds.

This journey is not a one-step leap but a spiral path with infinite layers and depths.

Numerous ancient teachings talked about it and everyone created different layers and different methods for these concepts. And each method works 100% and does not work 100% at the same time. The only thing that determines this is how much the participant surrenders oneself to the method.

In our sessions and retreats, we focus on the participant’s self to see which method the participant can surrender at that point in their lives. There is no right or wrong way. For some people, integration speeches act as healers, for others, group hugs work, for some medicinal plants, natural healing sessions, anger release therapy, family alignment, breathing exercises and other methods can work as healers.

Our focus is to walk the path to reach the infinite potential together by freeing individuals from the problems they create, characters, cycles, tendencies, traumas and similar blockages and bring them to a transcendent state.

This path is the path to re-humanize, regain our right to exist and live without limiting the mind and body.

This path leads to the self and to regain the infinite potential that everyone has in them.

This path leads to remembering our natural self, taking full responsibility to live accordingly and remembering that the essence of the reality we live in is love.

This path leads to a zone beyond ego, id, characters, social ethics, conscience, norms and duality-based things.

This path passes through pantheism and panentheism and goes beyond everything we believe, everything we think and anything we think about something.

If an individual naturally wants to develop and transcend to reach the infinite potential in them, this individual will first fight with the one they think they are. And if this person intends to continue the new evolution starting after this fight, I will walk with that person. This is the most fundamental thing I share with people and it is simple and effective.”

Ph.D. Emre Günerken


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