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About Our Community

About Our Community

We Are the ONE We are a community

Our motto is “everything is healing. to be the ONE with our inner self, to be the ONE with a COMMUNITY, to be the ONE with the UNIVERSE, to be the ONE with the SOUL to become who we dream of…”

Our purpose is to internalize and transform everything we touch as healing…

What we offer as a community not only includes sessions that will wear off in just a couple of days or weeks but a complete lifestyle and formation of a community. As the passengers who are driven in the same direction and not following a pre-determined paths, we all personally experienced, are experiencing and will experience the effects of a community on our healing.

This journey that we transform everything in us into healing is actually the journey to set the EGO free and reach the SELF; emancipation from all thoughts, ideologies, definitions, emotions, fears, anxieties, dependencies, judgements, blockages or all identities defined as “ego” and to break all our dependencies to our identities to reach an unconditional “inner love”.

The ONE The retreat events organized by our community are not only shamanic sessions or shamanic healing sessions, but also integrated and effective retreats support by various activities as well as music therapy, breathing sessions, collective and individual integration sessions.

Emre says;

“We try to gradually walk on the path to re-humanize and become human.”

In addition to other things, he actively does, he is dedicated to science as a scientist, practices as a student and ancient teachings as a teacher.

The Path Towards Science

Emre’s journey started long before his scientific journey but his scientific infrastructure still plays a significant role on the path to self.

The 2000s

During his first Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering, Emre focused on mathematics and simulations and meet with programming.

During his second Bachelor’s Degree Emre volunteered in different projects in the Bioengineering Department and he gained over 2500 hours of laboratory experience next to his studies. He also completed his degree with a thesis project on Scale-Up in Airlift Bioreactors by computer-based simulations.

The 2010s

After, Emre completed his M.Sc. degree and worked as a Researcher/Lecturer for 1 semester in University of EGE, Izmir/Turkey. He completed two projects. One of them was located at the University of Minho, Portugal and second one in Turkey, which was granted a national patent (Turkey).

Later on, Emre started an industrial Ph.D. project in a collaboration with the Wageningen University, Netherlands, and VITO, Belgium, while working as a junior researcher in VITO next to his studies. His Project granted over 1M Euro. The final product of this project, granted a Worldwide umbrella patent which is sold and started to be used in industry directly. Additionally, as a junior researcher in VITO, he completed numerous projects for customer companies.

After his Ph.D., Emre is involved as a freelancer in different groups and worked on the conceptual design for innovative equipment in Biomedical and Bioprocess industries.

During this time Emre established a consultancy company in Germany. As the owner of the company, SciCo Scientific Consulting, Emre collaborated in projects in the context of environmental risk assessment of chemicals (details are confidential), and was responsible for scientific data analysis, programming, model parameter estimation, testing and validation, and executing simulations in the aforementioned projects.

The other projects Emre consulted during this period are:

  • Robotic microbioreactor controller system (Granted by NIH)
  • A new method and apparatus design for body fluid testing without consumables (Continues in Switzerland)
  • Clinical study design and administration for unique biomedical Technologies (Continues in Switzerland)
  • New method and related team establishment in Biotechnology-A.I. hybrid technologies indsutry(Continues in Switzerland)

The Path Towards Self

Emre’s path towards self, started in a really young age of 9 with some spontaneous spiritual experiences where he had lots of information on endless interconnectedness of everything, infinite possibilities, parallel realities, multiverses, samsara and beyond. Emre says “ until now, I still didn’t understand everything I comprehended that days and I am still at the same path towards Self”.


Emre was interested in Transpersonal Psychology, Breathing Exercises and Poetry when he was 14 years old and when he was 16 years old, he founded a small philosophy debate club with more than 50 members between 20-60 years old. In those years, he experienced a spontaneous spiritual experience that changed his life which he was unable to understand until his experience united with his path in the following years.


Later, he showed interest in Mathematics and Biology. He completed Electronic and Communication engineering and bioengineering in different universities and he showed interest in integration speeches related to Transpersonal Psychology which he used to explain music, biology and mathematic from a different perspective.


As Emre walked the path towards science, he was introduced to shamanic remedies following a near-death experience at the beginning of 2012. With this experience, he had chronic pain and pain attacks at night which prevented him from sleeping more than 20 minutes.

He had a total of 7 surgeries for “unknown” problems after 26 years old until his 30s.

Emre especially started his medical and physical healing research in his 20s. He discovered numerous plants on this path and he created an extensive database including the medical plants around the world. Additionally, he connected with numerous groups to receive training on shamanism, qi-gong, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, meditation etc. Since Shamanism was always a field of interest for Emre, he especially focused on shamanic teachings.


Later, Emre met with his first shamanic remedy teachers in a group retreat making integration speeches with shamanic healing such as Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo and Yopo. This experience deeply changed his life filled with physical, mental and spiritual pain.

After the physical and medical healing in these sessions, he decided to dedicate his life to these incredible and surprising healers. The only word he was able to say in his spontaneous spiritual experience when he was 16 years old was “Au-we-yav-ska”; the words which he failed to understand in those days started to gain meaning at this point. Emre says this: “The strongest teachings I learned on this path were the simplest ones: You let go when you let go, you are healed when you heal, there are no problems in the reality, there are only problems in your identifications and definitions.”



While working with shamanic treatments, Emre continued his path that he started when he was 14 years old with the catalyst influence of these treatments and he got deeper about self and social mechanisms, id, ego, character mechanisms and beyond. On this path, he attended numerous organizations around the world and used various characters he developed throughout his life. In the meantime, his fundamental intention was to exist as a human in addition to using his characters such as shaman, musician, athlete, scientist, speaker, ancient teaching practitioner and teacher.

Between 2017-2020, he organized retreats in numerous countries with an international organization in which he took part as an instructor for shamanic treatments and integration.

Later, he started his own personal journey at the beginning of the 2020s by focusing on 3-4 countries. As a practitioner, teacher, guide and human, he attended more than 100 retreats and numerous individual sessions. He shared his energy with the participants and students to accompany their illumination process.

Emre says, “To go beyond the thing we think to be and to surrender ourselves to the unknown, our path is to let go of the petrified definitions and ideologies. This journey is not a one-step jump but a helical path with infinite layers and depths.” 

He tried to give an idea about the path he is taking with the following poem he wrote when he was at the airport:

I am going

Not knowing if there is a coming back

Without thinking if it’s possible to come back

I walk a path

By knowing there is no path

But I still go, reaching to target is under my belt

What should my heart do with

Emotions, thoughts, pleasures

Does the heart understand what comes out of 5 senses?

I am going

Every breath is a step

Every breath is a let go

I will go friend

Every breath is a la

Every breath is a hu

I am going

I am taking a step out of what I know

My way is towards the self-love

When I go, sometimes pleasure comes and hugs me

I fell and the hell would be a blessing

I get up, my heart becomes my home again

If I’m gone, if I walk towards the house of the heart

What can do with the materials the thing inside me that I do not know?

What is the meaning of falling, getting up and going for the one who is already in the house of the heart?

The bird songs are in the ears of the one who is in the house of the heart what he can do with the words?

Words don’t reach the heart that is not open

What the words can do by themselves

Get up my friend it’s time to go

Falling to hell and getting up to the heart

It’s time to destroy what you think you know

Ph. D. Emre Günerken / Ancient Wisdom Practitioner