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We Are the ONE We are a community,

Our motto is “everything is healing. to be the ONE with our inner self, to be the ONE with a COMMUNITY, to be the ONE with the UNIVERSE, to be the ONE with the SOUL to become who we dream of…”

Our purpose is to internalize and transform everything we touch as healing…

What we offer as a community not only includes sessions that will wear off in just a couple of days or weeks but a complete lifestyle and formation of a community. As the passengers who are driven in the same direction and not following a pre-determined paths, we all personally experienced, are experiencing and will experience the effects of a community on our healing.

Personal And Group Sessions

The ONE Spiritual Development Program

The English equivalent of the word seclusion is “Retreat” which means to withdraw. As The ONE Community, we use the term “withdrawal” for the Spiritual Development Program we carry out. Because when we withdraw from what we think we are, we open ourselves to a new awareness; we begin to learn from ourselves and from every experience we come across. We call it awakening the real person (shaman) inside us.

The ONE Community say;

“Together with all people who join us, we walk on the path to re-humanize and become human.”

The Process of Preparation for Seclusion:


The purpose of the diet, which is done with a 1-2 fast fasting period, is to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system.


Adaptogens are natural herbs that increase non-specific resistance status. Different adaptogens or adaptogen mixtures are prepared according to the participant.


Mental final energetic cleansing is developed by meditations in the preparatory process; A reconnection with the Self is established.


After the preparation period for seclusion, we gather in a place chosen according to historical, geographical and energetic forces and we are in the moment.

Brief Introduction of the Retreat Program. Click to read all the details.


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